Browsing controls

At the bottom of a story listing page, you will see the Ephemeral display controls.  With these settings you can control which stories to display, how many to display at once, and in what order to display them.

The browse controls contain the following fields:


Searching in Ephemeral is a powerful feature.  You can find suggested stories by title/author or search directly for text appearing in the story.  The search controls contain two fields:

One thing to keep in mind if you get what seems to be bogus results back from the search engine is that Ephemeral will automatically strip some common words (like "a", "an", "the", "this", etc.), as well as any non-alphabetic character.  Ephemeral will also try to split your search words along word boundaries.  Below are some queries and what they actually search for

Search query 

Actually searches for
scully aol com
mulder saves the day
mulder saves day
mulder other nc-17
mulder other nc
in a dream-like state
dream like state